All children have a right to quality education

The Andres Kasper Institute works to improve the quality of life across our community through education. Our school fills a gap created by the Brazilian public system’s inability to provide equal opportunity to impoverished or socially vulnerable children in the Campina Grande do Sul community.

And, thanks to our volunteers’ hard work and donors’ generosity, it is already happening:
we provide tuition-free education to the children who need it most.

Our mission: to inspire growth and encourage prosperity by offering children and their families true hope for the future

The Andres Kasper School is a nurturing, comfortable environment where children,together with their families, have the opportunity to learn and grow; to become happy, productive members of society.

Children enjoy a welcoming facility on clean, green grounds where all aspects of quality elementary education are addressed.

We also offer family-focused partnerships, training courses, seminars, income-generation opportunities, and other special events to help parents overcome challenges and develop both personally and professionally.