Our vision

To promote social wellbeing with emphasis on moral, civic, and cultural responsibility by providing tuition-free educational programs which improve access to knowledge and opportunity.

The Andres Kasper Institute

The Andres Kasper Institute is a registered non-profit organization with presence in Brazil and the United States. Its primary focus is to provide education and social services to underprivileged and socially vulnerable children.

Founded by journalist Julinda Kasper, the Institute oversees a variety of initiatives from its headquarters in Campina Grande do Sul, in the State of Paraná, Brazil. The institute is not affiliated with any state entity or political party. Its programs are made possible through contributions of money, goods and services from individual sponsors, independent businesses, and government agencies.

Every contribution goes directly toward providing children with the opportunities they deserve.

The Andres Kasper School

The Andres Kasper School is one of the Institute’s most exciting endeavors. By providing a comfortable facility for high-quality education to underprivileged children, the school empowers them to grow ethically, morally, and socially, fulfill their roles in society, and enjoy a better quality of life.

With 80 children currently attending, we are making a visible –and lasting – positive impact on our community and the people with whom we share it.

To serve the needs of children and families in our community; to help them achieve personal fulfillment and financial growth, and to improve their quality of life

Our Volunteers


Diogo Vitor – Web Development and Web Maintenance

Dan Grinberg – IT Support

Donald McGregor – International Advisor

Tim Leixner – Attorney(In Memory)

Bill Sherman – Attorney

Barbara Cardillo  – Secretary(In Memory)

Maria Sobel – Secretary

Michael O’Rourke – CPA

May Pena – Advisor


Juliana Cine Perry – Library construction coordinator

Prof. Irene CordeiroHathy – Storyteller

Carlos Augusto de Jesus – Project Coordinator

May Pena – Advisor

Anderson dos Santos – Builder and maintenance