Making Nursing Certifications
Accessible and Affordable

Brazil, like many other large countries, has a population densely concentrated in certain, mostly urban, areas. Also like many other countries, healthcare workers are prized in these regions.

Many young people are willing and able to fulfill these roles; to provide quality care and enjoy the self-satisfaction that comes with doing so. But there’s a problem: many people simply can’t afford the level of education they need to launch a successful career in healthcare.

The program can accommodate up to 40 new students per year and we offer job-placement assistance to help new graduates get a head start in healthcare by landing their first role quickly

To make healthcare education more accessible, last year (after much research and collaboration with medical professionals and the local and national governments), we launched a comprehensive nursing certification program for high school graduates of 18 years and over.

Students must complete 18 or 24 months of training, respectively, to become a certified nursing assistant or nursing technician. To receive their certificates students must pass an exam administered by the state.