June 5, 2016

June Party

June Festival is a national celebration day that exults the Brazilian countryside way of life and the beginning of winter.This year we joined the celebration on the 5th of June. Traditional dishes and sweets were served, such as pinhão (pinion fruit), pé-de-moleque (a candy made of peanut), paçoca (also a candy made of peanut), quentão (a very hot beverage made of wine, lots of sugar, ginger and cinnamon) and more. Our students performed traditional dances and enacted typical countryside ceremonies.

February 17, 2016

Reading Corner

Welcome to our library, coordinated by Dr. Juliana Perri alongside our volunteer team. Since its completion, we’ve organized several reading-themed interactive activities for students, held at least three times per week.

April 28, 2014

It’s Easter!

Students at the Andres Kasper School celebrated Easter with joy and creativity.

Throughout the month of April students prepared for the celebration; rehearsing a play, musical performances, and dance choreography, which were presented to audiences on the 17th.

Performances included:

O coelhinhoquenão era da Páscoa,” a stage play coordinated by Professor Debora Rodrigues

Nãofoi o coelhinho,” a musical number coordinated by Professors Tainá and Thalyse

P A S C O A,” a musical performance choreographed by 5th-year students with the help of Professor Valquiria.

“DocePáscoa,” a parody stage performance authored by 5th-year students Janaine de Lima and Nicole Sant’ana

We also enjoyed the presence of Hospital Angelina Caron’s ‘Joy Laboratory’ group, who performed storytelling activities and closed the celebration on a high note, sharing sweets (donated by Dr. Henry Vuicik and his wife, Marilda) with children and attendees.

To all who helped, participated, and enjoyed: thank you very much!

November 12, 2013

Civic Parade

On November 9th, Andres Kasper School students took part in the local Civic Parade to commemorate the 62nd anniversary of the political emancipation of the Municipality of Campina Grande do Sul.

In keeping with our theme of ‘Children’s Literature’, the school presented the book “A caixa de lápis de cor” by Mauricio Veneza, which tells the story of a boy who worked as a shoe-shiner in the big city streets to help support the family. One day, a customer gave him a box of colored pencils. Delighted with this, he began drawing and ended up diving deep into his artwork; interacting with it. Coming back to reality, he saw that it was still gray and dull.

Then, with the idea of sharing his newfound joy with others, he began to draw birds and flowers, decorating and the entire city with color and forever changing his life.

Using this boy’s beautiful story as inspirations, our students colored our own city just like him! Congratulations Campina Grande do Sul!

February 18, 2016

Access to Information

A telecentreis a public meeting place whose purpose is to expand opportunities for groups and communities. People can use computers in these tele centres to access the Internet, communicate with others, study online, and acquire new skills.

The Strategic Affairs Secretariat of the Presidency has transformed the old tele centres – they are now known as “Citizen Spaces”. Anyone wishing to visit our tele centre is welcome, free of charge.

Citizen Spaces also provide access to basic government services including assistance with official forms and document, access to water and power services, cultural programs, and more.

Thanks to the Institute’s partnership with the State of Paraná’s government, Citizen Spaces have made it easy for us to further strengthen our connection with the Campina Grande do Sul community.

June 7, 2014

June Party

On June 7th, the Andres Kasper School held its annual June party. The celebration featured presentations to students, games, typical local food and drinks, and a fun game of bingo.

Even with a large audience in attendance the event went off without a hitch and our team would like to thank everyone who directly or indirectly contributed: employees, family members, volunteers, donors (individuals and companies) and all our other friends. Thanks to you, the party was a resounding success!

March 7, 2014

Back to School

It was with great joy that the Andres Kasper School received children from around the community for the start of another school year.

During the first two weeks of school our main activity focused on the history of Mother Teresa, teaching love for all neighbors. Following this launching point we realized the first stage of 2014’s Human Values curriculum: students had the opportunity to learn about important social concepts like love, gratitude, concern, solidarity, kindness, and sharing.

These classes magnify the soul and enhance the spirit – congratulations to our teaching staff for their brilliant work. We wish everyone a great year!