Help us give the children what they need most.

The Andres Kasper School is a non-profit organization staffed primarily by volunteers. That means that every dollar donated goes directly toward improving children’s and families’ lives through education and care.

As a donor, you’ll help provide the programs, facilities, and equipment our community needs to ensure their children have the opportunity to learn, love, and grow – to overcome challenges and enjoy their future lives as prosperous, productive members of society.

Who knows how far they’ll go?

You’ll receive regular updates from the school, to keep you informed of the new developments, successes, and programs you help bring to life.

You can make a difference.

Currently, we can accept monetary donations via PayPal or directly by mail.
If you’d prefer to make a material contribution,
please don’t hesitate to contact us.
We’ll be happy to help determine the best way to make it happen.


From all of us at the Andres Kasper College
– staff, volunteers, children, and families –

Thank You.